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Welcome to Just Tropical Fish, your on-line guide for general tropical fish  information, but specifically about freshwater tropical fish.

As the name sGeneral Tropical Fish Information graphicuggests, freshwater tropical fish usually originate from warm countries in places like South America, Africa and Asia. They live in fresh water, as distinct from salt water (fish that live in salt water are referred to as marine fish).

  They are also used to living in warm water, so in most cases need to live in an aquarium with heating. This is different from coldwater fish (ie goldfish, koi carp), which do not need heating. They can live in either an aquarium or an outside pond.

The beauty of freshwater tropical fish is the variety of colours, shapes and sizes that they come in.  Each aquarium is unique, based on the variety of fish and the set up.  An aquarium filled with freshwater tropical fish can be a real feature in your home.

Having an aquarium filled with freshwater tropical fish is a very rewarding hobby. If they are looked after correctly can give hours of pleasure.  Just sitting and watching the fish swim can be very calming and relaxing.  This is why they are often found in the dentist waiting room. 

Setting up and maintaining your freshwater tropical fish aquarium can be a daunting prospect.  How to start up your freshwater tropical fish aquarium, which fish to buy, which live well together. These are all questions you may have both as a beginner, and even after having your aquarium for a while.General Tropical Fish Information graphic

You will find here all the general tropical fish information you will need. We have included popular types of freshwater tropical fish, and a few you may not of heard about before.  You will also find details of the most common diseases your freshwater tropical fish may get. Also how to recognise the symptoms, and what you can do if your fish contracts them.

Remember to check back often to get your general tropical fish information, as the website will be updated on a regular basis.  

Take your time, and make sure that for maximum pleasure you follow the simple steps here to ensure you have a beautiful and successful freshwater tropical fish aquarium.  If you need any more general tropical fish information, do please contact us.

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