Black Neon Tetra

 Genus name: Hyphessobrycon Herbertaxelrodi

Also known as: Black Neon, Calypso Tetra

Distribution:  Mato Grosso area of Brazil

Length:  up to 1.4″ (3.5cm)Black Neon Tetra

Water Temperature: 75-81F (24-27C)

Diet: Worms, small crustaceans, plant matter, dried food

Water: not critical, but soft and slightly acidic water preferred

Lives: In the upper and middle areas of the aquarium

Community Tank

The Black Neon Tetra, despite its name, does not particularly resemble the Neon Tetra.  The general shape of the body is very similar to the Flag Tetra. 

The Black Neon Tetra has a delicate, brownish back, the scales have dark edges that give a reticulated appearance, and the abdomen is silver.  It also has two distinct stripes down its side, a white one above a black one.  Also, above the eyes, the Black Neon Tetra has two thin but distinctive colour bands across the top, red above yellow.

As with other tetras, the Black Neon Tetra male is slimmer than the female, who has a much plumper body.  They should also be kept in groups of at least five, as they do like to shoal together.

Black Neon Tetras do breed in captivity.  Spawning will take place out in the open, and the parents should be removed as soon as this happens, as they will eat the eggs and their young.

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