A list of tropical fish best suited to a species aquarium

Common Name                                                        Scientific Name


Archerfish Toxotes Jaculator
Discus Symphysodon Discus
Dwarf Loach Botia Sidthimunki
Green Spotted Puffer Tetraodon Nigroviridis
Honey Gourami Colisa Chuna
Malawi Blue Cichlid Pseudotropheus Zebra
Malawi Golden Cichlid Pseudotropheus Auratus
Mosquito Fish Gambusia Affinis
Oscar Astronotus Ocellatus
Paradisefish Macropodus Opercularis
Red Piranha Pygocentrus Nattereri
Rio Grande Perch Cichlasoma Cyanoguttatum
Siamese Fighting Fish Betta Splendens


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