Discus Fish

Genus name: Symphysodon Discus

Distribution:  Amazon River, South America

Length:  up to 8″ (20cm)discus

Water Temperature: 77-86F (25-30C)

Diet: Worms, crustaceans, plant matter, insects

Water: preferably soft water, but can live in medium-hard water

Species Tank (or could keep with Angelfish)

Discus fish are shy and generally peaceful fish.  They are sensitive to stress, and it advisable to keep them in a species aquarium.  Discus fish can co-habit with Angelfish, but it is not advisable to keep them with small aquarium fish as they could well intimidate or even eat them.  Especially do not have any catfish with sucker mouths in with a Discus fish, as they can attach themselves to the side of the fish and eat their mucus membranes.

Discus fishes are best kept by the experienced aquarist, as they are quite delicate, and have very specific requirements.  The aquarium should be deep, with rock and roots, a dark substrate, some marginal vegetation, and a few isolated plants with large leaves.  The water can be medium-hard, but at breeding time should be soft.  Discus fish are susceptible to disease, so efficient filtration and excellent water quality is required.

Feeding a Discus fish can be a challenge, as they are extremely cautious of any new foods.  When purchasing a Discus fish it may be advisable to check what they’ve been eating, so you can give them the same food.

Discus fishes come in a variety of sizes and colours, from the Brown, Green and Blue Discus, which grow to approx 4.7″ (12cm), to the original Discus fish, which is a chestnut brown colour, and can grow to 8″ (20cm).

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