Malawi Golden Cichlid

 Genus name: Pseudotropheus Auratus

Distribution:  East Africa, in Lake Malawi

Length:  males up to 4.3″ (11cm), females up to 3.5″ (9cm)

Minimum Tank Length:  36″ (90cm)

Water Temperature: 72-77F (22-25C)Malawi Golden Cichlid

Diet: Worms, crustaceans, insects, dried food, plant matter

Water: medium-hard

Breeding:  Egg Layers

Species Tank

The Malawi Golden Cichlid is elongated and only slightly laterally depressed.  The rear end of the caudal fin is slightly concave, and the dorsal and anal fins are rounded, not elongated at the rear.

The male and the female are very different from each other.  The male Cichlid is dark brown with a paler band running along the flanks from the forehead to the caudal peduncle.  The back of the male is yellow, the bases of the caudal and anal fins are dark, whilst the outer parts are pale yellow.  The dorsal fin is turquoise-blue.

The female Malawi Golden Cichlid is golden-yellow with three blackish-brown bands, the fins are yellowish, and the tips of the dorsal fin rays are reddish/orange.

The Malawi Golden Cichlid is a rather aggressive fish, which can be kept in a shoal, in an aquarium with a number of rocks and roots arranged to form hiding places.  A few robust plants would probably not be attacked by the Cichlids, although they do like to graze on algae.

Malawi Golden CichlidMalawi Golden Cichlids are best kept in a species aquarium, although it is possible to keep them with some other fish.  They are best kept with other Cichlids, or larger fish with a similar temperament.  Do keep a careful eye on them all for a while to ensure they will get on.  Do not keep them with small fish, as the Cichlids will eat them.

Spawning takes place on or near the bottom of the aquarium, and the female Cichlid collects up the relatively few but rather large eggs in her mouth, and incubates them there over the next 22 to 24 days.

Malawi Golden Cichlids are really only suitable for the experienced aquarist.

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