Green Spotted Puffer

 Genus name: Tetraodon Nigroviridis

Also known as: GSP, Leopard Puffer, Spotted Green Puffer

Distribution:   Southeast Asia

Length:  up to 6.7″ (17cm)

Minimum Tank Size:  30 Gallons (US), 115 litres

Water Temperature: 72-79F (23-26C)Green Pufferfish

Diet: molluscs, crustaceans

Water: high brackish

Lives in: upper and middle layer of the aquarium

Breeding:  egg layer, but not known to breed in captivity

Species Tank

The Green Spotted Puffer is so called because of its ability to inflate the body when disturbed or attacked.  The Green Spotted Puffer is best kept in an aquarium with dense vegetation and an arrangement of rocks or roots to provide hiding places.

Young Green Spotted Puffer are generally peaceful, but as they get older they are usually aggressive towards one another, and they hunt for food.  Keep them either on their own, or with other large brackish fish.  They also prefer brackish water, which means partly salty, and they also thrive in marine conditions.

There are no obvious differences between the male and female Green Spotted Puffer, and they are not known to breed in captivity.

It is advisable to feed them with molluscs and crusteans, and they need to be fed a regular diet of hard shelled creatures to ensure their beaks don’t get overgrown.

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