Bronze Corydoras

 Genus name: Corydoras Aeneus

Also known as: Bronze Cory, Albino Cory, Bronze catfish, Lightspot Corydoras, Wavy Catfish

Distribution:  South America: Trinidad, Venezuela, southwards to La Plata

Length:  up to 2.8″ (7cm)

Minimum Tank Length:  18″ (45cm)Bronze Corydoras

Water Temperature: 66-79F (19-26C)

Diet: Worms, crustaceans, insects, dried food, plant matter

Water: not critical, but not too acidic

Breeding:  Egg Layers

Community Tank

The Bronze Corydoras is perhaps the most commonly kept species of Corydoras in aquariums.  It is a very useful and hardy fish, although not the most attractive.  The main attraction of the Bronze Corydoras is that it is a scavenger.  They are constantly sorting through the debris on the bottom of the aquarium, and disturbing it slightly whilst doing so.

The Bronze Corydoras comes in a bronze colour, and also as an albino (white) version.  Bronze Corydoras are very sociable, and it is advisable to keep at least six at any one time in the aquarium.

Bronze Corydoras are not fussy about the water they live in, although they appreciate a reasonable number of plants so they will have a place to hide if required.

The female Bronze Corydoras is usually a little more robust, and slightly longer than the male.  At spawning time, the female chooses a site of her liking, and it will probably consist of leaves of a plant, or a rock.

The male Bronze Corydoras will clasp the female, and then deposit the sperm. The female will then glue a few eggs to her chosen site, and will then sometimes quickly touch them with her mouth.

This whole process will be repeated several times, and can last for up to three hours.  Often two male Bronze Corydoras will be used for each female, as one male has difficulty fertilizing all the eggs, of which there can be 200.  The young Bronze Corydoras will hatch after five to six days, and will fall to the bottom once hatched.

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