Debauwi Cat

Genus name:Pareutropius Buffei

Also known as:  Debauwi Catfish, African Glass Catfish, 3-Stripe Glass Catfish

Distribution: Central Africa, Congo Basin

Length: up to 3.2” (8cm)

Minimum Tank Length: 24” (60cm)Debauwi Cat

Water Temperature: 73-79F (23-26C)

Diet: Worms, small crustaceans, insects, dried food

Water: soft and slightly acidic water preferred

Lives: In the middle and lower areas of the aquarium

Breeding: egg layer, but very rare in home aquariums

Community Tank

Just to be confusing, there are two very similar species that until a few years ago were thought to be the same, and were called Eutropiellus Debauwi.  They have now been renamed as Pareutropius Buffei and Pareutropius Debauwi. You are likely to have Buffei, as Debauwi is very rarely imported from the wild, but it is also likely that he will be called Debauwi! They are very similar, the only real difference being an extra stripe on Buffei. For a more detailed explanation see the Scotcat website 

Now that’s clear, here’s a few facts about the Debauwi Cat, as we’ll call him.

The Debauwi Cat is a very peaceful but active catfish. It will do well in an aquarium with fish of a similar size.  Debauwi Cats thrive in a shoal, so ensure you have at least six at any one time. If kept in smaller numbers they will tend to hide away and not flourish.

The Debauwi Cat is a silvery colour, with a black stripe running along the body. He also has 3 pairs of short barbels on the upper jaw, which are hard to see. They are also distinctive by the way they swim, with their body obliquely in the water and the tail pointing down.

The female Debauwi Cat is slightly plumper than the male, and although they are egg layers it is very rare for them to breed in captivity. If they do, they will lay approximately 100 eggs, which will hatch in 3 days. It is best to remove the parents as they will eat the eggs and young.

The Debauwi Cat needs an aquarium with a few areas of vegetation, as well as plenty of open spaces for swimming.

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