Emperor Tetra

 Genus name: Nematobrycon Palmeri

Distribution:  Colombia

Length:  up to 2.2″ (5.5cm)

Water Temperature: 73-79F (23-26C)Emperor tetra

Diet: Worms, small crustaceans, finely chopped meat, dried food

Water: soft and slightly acidic water preferred

Lives: In the lower areas of the aquarium

Community Tank

An active and very colourful fish, the Emperor Tetra swims mostly in the lower areas in the aquarium.  The lower half of the body is black/blue whilst the top half is creamy silver.

The male Emperor Tetra has an elongated dorsal fin and a conspicuously developed caudal fin, the central rays being elongated.  The anal fin is very long, with a narrow band along its outer edge.  The female Emperor Tetra lacks the elongations of the dorsal and anal fins.

The Emperor Tetra should be kept in an aquarium with patches of dense vegetation, maybe a cave it can hide in, as well as some open water for swimming.  They also prefer the aquarium to be not too brightly lit.

Breeding Emperor Tetra can be a challenge.  If a compatible pair can be found, it may happen.  If so, the male Emperor Tetra will drive the female very actively, and the eggs are laid among fine-leaved plants.  It is advisable to remove the adult Emperor Tetra from the aquarium to prevent them eating either the eggs or their young.

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