Zebra Danio

 Genus name: Brachydanio Rerio

Distribution:  Eastern India and Bangladesh

Length:  up to 2″ (5cm)

Water Temperature: 64-77F (18-25C)

Diet: Worms, small crustaceans, dried foodZebra Danio

Water: preferably soft water, but can live in medium-hard water

Lives: Near the top of the aquarium

Breeding:  Egg Layer

Community Tank

The Zebra Danio is a slender fish, about 2″ long, browny/olive in colour, and with deep blue streaks which go down the length of the fish’s body.  The female is slightly larger than the male, and has a more rounded belly.

The Zebra Danio is an ideal fish for a beginner, as it is relatively hardy, and has no special requirements.  Always purchase a few Zebra Danios at the same time, as they do like to shoal with each other, and a lone Zebra Danio is a sad fish.

Make sure that you have plenty of free space at the top of the aquarium, as Zebra Danio tend to stay near the top of the water, and like to swim at speed.  Ensure also that you have a good lid on the aquarium, as Zebra Danios have been known to swim so fast they jump out of the aquarium!

If you are looking to breed Zebra Danio, the aquarium should have soft or medium-hard water, and a few clumps of plants with feathery leaves.  After vigorously chasing the female, the male Zebra Danio will chase the female in among the plants, where spawning takes place.  If you want to stand any chance of the eggs hatching, protect them from their parents, as Zebra Danio are notorious for eating their own eggs!

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